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The Batman slots game is one that will delight Batman fans and online slots players alike. Developed by CryptoLogic, the Batman slots game brings our favourite DC Comics superhero to the online gaming world. Even better, this isn’t the camp Batman of the 1960s television series, but the genuine Dark Knight who can be just as bone-crushingly vicious as his villainous enemies.

Batman has been popular since the 1930’s, but the more recent movies starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne (that’s Batman without his costume) have helped him to become something of a modern day icon even for those who have never been within kicking distance of a comic book. Now, the Batman slots game allows us to step into the boots of the Bat-man himself and kick some villains as well as win some serious cash prizes in the process.

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How to Play Batman Slots

The Batman slots game has 5 reels and 50 pay lines, but you can also activate a Bonus Bet for a little extra which adds more Batman symbols to the reels, and we’ll explain why that’s a good thing a little later. Other symbols featured in this game include Commissioner Gordon, the Batmobile, the Batarang, several of the Joker’s practical jokes and the Joker himself.

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Prepare to Play. Your first task is to set the number of pay lines that you want to play and also the amount that you want to stake on each. You can play anything from 1 to 50 lines by adjusting the left and right arrows next to the LINES panel, and you can also activate the Bonus Bet (at a cost of 10 credits) by clicking on the green bat symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. Note that activating the Bonus Bet automatically sets the number of pay lines to the maximum, for a total outlay of 60 credits.

Holy Slots, Batman!. When you have set your required pay lines and stake per line (which is adjusted using the arrows next to the BET panel) hit the SPIN button to start the Batman slots reels spinning. The reels will come to rest from left to right and all active pay lines will be assessed to see if you have won a prize. If you have then the prize will be added directly to your account balance. You can see all of the symbol combinations that pay prizes by clicking the PAYTABLE button on the main screen. The paytable screen also gives to access to the RULES of the Batman slots game.

Wilds and scatter. The Batman symbol is Wild, so it can be very helpful in turning a non-winning line into one that pays you a cash prize. This is why it is always worth activating the Bonus Bet and getting more Batman symbols on the reels. The bat symbol is a Scatter, and if you get 3 or more when playing with the Bonus Bet activated then you will trigger the awesome Descent Into Madness bonus feature. Scatter prizes are also multiplied by 50 when the Bonus Bet is activated. Scatter prizes are payable at the regular Paytable rate when no Bonus Bet is in play.

Batman Slots Bonus features

Batman SlotsThe Batman slots game gives you two very impressive bonus features to look forward to. These are referred to as the Batman Re-Spins Feature and the Descent Into Madness feature, and are best described separately:

Batman Re-Spins Feature. The Batman Re-Spins feature is triggered in one of two ways: by getting the Commissioner Gordon symbol on Reel 1 and the Batsignal symbol on Reel 5, or by getting those two symbols the other way around. However the feature is triggered, all wins are paid and then Reel 2, 3 or 4 will expand.

The reel that has expanded will be held and the remaining reels will spin three times, giving you three chances to win additional prizes. Even better, any win that is achieved from these re-spins will be doubled in value, and if you get Commissioner Gordon and the Batsignal on Reels 1 and 5 again, the Batman Re-Spins feature will be re-triggered.

Descent Into Madness Feature. The Descent Into Madness feature is triggered when you get three or more Scatter symbols on the reels from left to right, and this is where you get to play the role of Batman. Armed with your trusty Batarang, you need to take down several inmates, winning prizes at the same time. Then you have to try and trap the Joker, and if you succeed you will win 100 times your bet. If you fail to trap the Joker then you get a chance to stop him. Success here pays the same 100 times your bet, so you effectively get two bites at the cherry.

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The Batman Game

Batman first burst onto the scene in a comic strip way back in 1939. Although batman has entered the 21st century with breathtaking graphics on the silver screen and now as an internet slots game, Batman remains a tower of strength on the comic scene.

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