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Batman first appeared as 'the Bat-Man' in Detective Comics Issue #27, published in 1939, and sixty years later he is still going strong. The adventures of the Caped Crusader have been featured in a hugely popular (though tongue-in-cheek) television series, various animated television shows, several Hollywood movies, numerous video games and in literally hundreds of DC Comics and graphic novels.

Originally created by DC artist Bob Kane, Batman was an instant hit, and more recent illustrated outings in graphic novels such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Batman: Killing Joke by Alan Moore have helped to ensure that the character continues to appeal on a variety of levels.

One of the things that makes Batman so popular is the fact that he is a superhero who has no super-powers. Orphaned as a child, Bruce Wayne became the Batman by choice, undergoing extensive and arduous training in a variety of disciplines to reach a peak of mental, physical and intellectual fitness that even Superman came to respect. Of course, it was handy that Bruce Wayne's late father was a wealthy man (you can afford a whole lot of specialist training and gadgetry when you have countless millions at your disposal), but it was Bruce's desire to avenge the murder of his parents that motivated him put his vast financial resources to crime-fighting use.

Batman and the Joker

Several Gotham City villains have become almost as famous as Batman himself. Who can forget villains like the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, the Scarecrow or Catwoman? All Batman villains share a common thread of psychological instability, and this makes the characters delightfully well-rounded and, dare we say, believable.

For decades, the public perception of Batman was as a rather light and almost camp superhero. Of course, readers of the comic books and graphic novels were familiar with a very different Batman, but the true nature of the Dark Knight didn't reach mainstream consciousness until Tim Burton's Batman movie was released in 1989. This was followed by Batman Returns in 1992, Batman Forever in 1995 and Batman & Robin in 1997. Unfortunately, the tongue-in-cheek approach to the Gotham City superhero had started to return towards the end of this series, and as a result the Batman movie franchise soon found itself in a state of hibernation.

Batman Begins

Then, in 2005, Christian Bale starred in the movie Batman Begins. This presented Batman as he had always been in the comic books and graphics novels ? as a complex vigilante who wasn't afraid to get his fists bloody (to put it mildly) in order to stop villains from threatening the innocent people of Gotham City. The movie made headlines for its graphic portrayal of violence, but proved to be a box office hit and a 2008 sequel, The Dark Knight, fared even better.

Movie goers are now patiently waiting for a third Christian Bale outing as Batman ? one that is rumoured to be coming in 2011 or 2012. Until then, there is a massive back catalogue of material for new fans to work their way through. And, of course, we now have a fantastic Batman slots game to keep us entertained as we wait!

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Batman slots provides a fantastic gaming experience that fans of the Dark Knight will enjoy immensely. The graphics, audio and general atmosphere of the game is every bit as dark and edgy as you could hope for, and winning cash prizes for taking down the bad guys can make the game as hugely rewarding as it is entertaining.

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